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65 West Garage Area DSC03693_DxOThis is the official website for Lewis Miller’s Mitchell Collection, one of the finest and most extensive collection of anything and everything related to the Mitchell wagons, bicycles, motorcycles and automobiles of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Lewis Miller is a direct descendent of the Mitchell and Lewis families and has one of the largest collections of the various products sold by the their respective companies, including The Mitchell Wagon Company, Wisconsin Wheel Works, and the Mitchell-Lewis Motor Company. This private collection is constantly in the process of growing and being renovated and is now open to the public! Stay tuned for updates about the Mitchell Collection’s permanent home, on-going projects and the development of the museum!

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Helen and Mary Lewis in the front yard of their family home in Racine. This Mitchell auto is a 1904 2-cylinder air-cooled runabout, personalized with Helen’s monogram, HTL, visible below her on the side of the car.